What is Finuas Networks Programme?

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Finuas Networks Programme

Finuas is a state funded programme for developing enterprise-led learning networks within the international financial services sector. The Finuas Networks Programme aims to support the sector in maintaining Ireland’s position as a top international financial services centre by investing in further developing the specialist skills and expertise of its workforce.

Finuas is a direct outcome of the Expert Group on Future Skills Needs report on the ‘Future Skills and Research Needs of the International Financial Services Industry’ published in 2007. Finuas is managed by Skillnets Ltd on behalf of the Department of Education and Skills.

There are three Finuas networks;

  • Summit Finuas Network
  • Aviation Finance Finuas Network
  • The Law Society Finuas Network

These networks develop and deliver new training in the areas of banking and capital markets, investment management, insurance and specialist professional services to the sector.  Also, a number of places on some programmes run by Finuas networks are available to job-seekers.